Occupational Health and Safety Policy

The management of occupational health and safety in Solution Cleaning Services Aust Pty Ltd is important and integral to the business acts the management of quality and customer services.  

It is our policy to ensure the health and safety and welfare of all our employees and employers.

The principles on which our policy is based are as follows:

  1. Is to provide adequate training and information regarding safe work practices in the equipment and handing and storage of chemicals.
  2. When providing services on clients premises to ensure that the health and safety of our members of the public is not placed at risk
  3. Ensure that our staff are aware of clients company’s Occupation Health and Safety Policy and abide by that policy whilst on site.
  4. Our Employees have the entitled, and should be encouraged, to be represented in relation to health and safety issues.
  5. Employees are encourage to recognize environment issues within the workplace and are responsible for the safe work procedure, reporting hazards and assisting with health and safety improvement.
  6. Our company has the responsibility to maintain safe premises for everyone who visits or works in that site, including themselves. It is important park of my job.
  7. They assist the client, who is also responsible to maintain a safe site, venue or entertainment centers for all who entre the premises.
  8.  Solution Cleaning Services Aust Pty Ltd has the Health and Safety Laws to aim to prompt and secure the safety and health of the employees, protect people against hazards at work, assist in securing safe and hygienic work environments, encourage co-operation between employers and employees and promote education and community awareness about workplace  Health and safety.
  9. Under the Workplace violence and bullying , Solution Group Aust Pty Ltd Staff has a duty to consult with his or employees  elected health and safety representative.
  10. Solution Cleaning Services Aust Pty Ltd is providing appropriate training particularly with supervisory responsibilities.  We also consult our employees and health and safety representatives, prior to and during organizational changes and developing a conflict management process and reviewing staffing levels.